Ten secret killer apps to download now that are guaranteed to make your sources go viral

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Ten best secret mobile killer what?

You know, you don’t have to read articles like this. They aren’t about you or your device or what you should really be doing right now.

Moreover, they won’t guarantee your content will go viral either. Also, so what if your content “goes viral?” Lots of people will see it and maybe that’s good. Or maybe it isn’t good.

Or maybe it doesn’t even matter. Think of the last cool “viral” thing you did or saw? Did it influence you to do something? Did it influence anyone you know to do something? And “do something” I mean more than “share” it or “like” it. I mean, “did it have a meaningful impact on your life?”

Stop reading articles like this. Instead, read things that are helpful for you. Or better yet, stop reading stuff like this and instead go out and meet with people or talk with people. That way you’ll have a better foundation for making content that is good. Content that helps your business and helps your readers.

And it won’t matter whether it goes viral or not.

I encourage you to read Matthew’s post “On Reading.”

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  1. I spent a great deal of time fighting the urge to fight fire with chemical retardant and large explosives. Better I should just move on. What sucks is many of our clients buy into the rubbish which means a new level of the client insisting the provider is mistaken … er a dumbass … because Boss Pair says “insert massive loads of refuse here”.

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