Thoughtfaucet seeking apprentice

Space craft in the Space Gallery

Thoughtfaucet is currently accepting applications to become an apprentice. I’m using the word “apprentice” more in the beginner-craftsman sense than in the TV show sense.

Here’s a bullet-list of details. Application information is below.

  • You will be doing meaningful work on behalf of Thoughtfaucet and other organizations.
  • I hope to get a wide variety of age, gender and experience among the applicant pool.
  • A Thoughtfaucet apprentice is not an intern (though if that’s what you want on your resumé that’s ok).
  • Students of any discipline are encouraged to apply. I am more interested in how you learn and communicate than in what discipline you are studying.
  • People who are not students are encouraged to apply. Student mindset is more important than course enrollment.
  • Thoughtfaucet produces work in a variety of fields and disciplines including strategy, design, animation, programming, analytics, online marketing, coding, writing and education. If you have a particular interest or existing ability, that’s great. If not, that’s great too.
  • I am seeking a maximum of three apprentices.
  • Apprentices will be responsible for scheduling their on-site time and meetings — this is a flexible environment.
  • Applicants who can travel to the Thoughtfaucet studio in Burlington, VT are preferred. However, depending on the course of work it may be possible to work with a remote apprentice.

To apply please send me a link to your LinkedIn profile. This is the only thing I want to see for now. I will let you know when I have reviewed it. If I want to schedule an interview you will receive a request via my scheduling system. If I decline to interview you at this time I will let you know.

Once you begin, your first task will be to learn how to make a mindmap. After you have proficiency in this documentation technique we will explore an individual course of study that benefits you and Thoughtfaucet.

I look forward to working with you.

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