Online Event: Gahlord Dewald and Justin Cutroni talk web analytics

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Gahlord Dewald and Justin Cutroni will be having a conversation about web analytics this Thursday May 5 at 1pm Eastern. Who knows what exactly they’ll cover, but if you want to learn more about your online audience, chances are good you’ll get something useful from listening in on their conversation.

This is bound to be a pretty popular session and spaces are limited.

Register to listen in on Gahlord and Justin as they talk about web analytics and other geeky fun stuff.

Gahlord Dewald says “When people ask me how I learn about Google Analytics I usually just say something like ‘Oh I read a blog post now and then.’ But that’s a lie. I don’t read a blog post now and then. I ask Justin Cutroni.”

Justin Cutroni is the director of digital intelligence for Cardinal Path and is also the guy who wrote the Google Analytics book. He’s also incredibly gifted at making analytics accessible and understandable for business owners, marketing wonks and anyone else who worries too much about their bounce rate.

  • Date: May 5 (Cinco de Mayo, Yo!)
  • Time: 1pm Eastern
  • Cost: Freeeeeee.
  • Register: here

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