The little things: some graphic design for the Lake Champlain Quadricentennial Celebration

In 2009 Vermont celebrates 400 years since Samuel de Champlain arrived at Lake Champlain. The festival commemorating this included over 150 events in ten days.

Thoughtfaucet was happy to lend a hand with a variety of small graphic design projects that came up in the midst of the festival. Each of the pieces created for the Champlain 400 required careful management of a myriad of small details: lists of performers and their hometowns for the premiere performance of a dance piece by Heddy Maalem, fitting extensive menu descriptions in a small table-tent display, conveying the breadth of the festival in print advertisement that was to be run in French and English. These sorts of small maneuvers in tight spaces plus managing the multitude of corporate logos and adhering to existing festival branding examples.

Together we were able to make some nice, well-made, focused marketing pieces. Small? Yes. None of these projects were national branding campaigns, billboards or poster series. But they were the pieces that individuals held in their hands and saw. A table-tent inserted into the lives of people who might be interested in a culinary exploration of French-American or Native American cuisine. An ad in a MontrĂ©al arts magazine, carefully reviewed for proper accent marks. A dance program and DVD design that got everyone’s name in on a tight deadline. Corporate, government and foundation sponsors properly and accurately credited throughout.

The little things matter just as much as the big things. Sometimes more.

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