Resources for making your site load faster, the new SEO ranking factor

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As noted previously, Google is using site load time to help rank sites. I put together a quick list of further resources to help get everyone rolling on optimizing site speed for SEO.

Making a website load fast requires the help of everyone on your web team. The person making the content can have a huge impact through the kinds of content and preparation he or she puts into getting things online. Your site designer can be a critical link in making the entire site template either fast or slow–sometimes in just a few lines of code here or there. And then your heavy-tech geeks can really speed it up.

Here are a few external resources to help each of these areas make the site faster.

Content-focused ways to speed up your website

The stuff you put on each page is going to have an impact on your site load time. Here are some resources that can help out content creators.

Ten Ways to Make Your Web Site Load Faster [Hostway]

Pick the right kind of image format for the right kind of image [An oldie but goodie]

Design-focused ways to speed up your website

Are you in charge of web design for your organization? Here are some things you can do to help keep your site load time low.

Speed Up Your Web Site Load Time – Design Tips for Faster Pages []

Make Your Images Load Faster [FutureNow, Inc]

Tech-focused ways to speed up your site

Not afraid of things like “no-cache” and gzip compression and so on? Here is a collection of resources and articles about speeding up your site.

Best Practices for Speeding up Your Web Site [Yahoo Developer site]

How to make your web pages load faster [O’Reilly Answers]

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