Improving Social Media via Web Analytics: Audience data-gathering slide

Getting Started, Getting Better: Social Media and Web Analytics Slide 02

In the live version of this presentation this is where I gather data about my audience, so that I can adjust in real-time to their needs.

This presentation was made for an audience of real estate business people. So I was interested in whether they were agents, brokers, corporate representatives, consultants or vendors. Each of these groups have different needs and opportunities with social media and web analytics.

I also gather data about mastery with the technology. I like to know when I’m presenting to people who are either formal or ad hoc trainers–the person everyone in the office asks when there’s a question about social media or web analytics. This helps me gear the conversation level.

Finally, I’m interested in which particular tools people use. This helps me determine which tools I might want to mention as a good fit based on the audience industry function and level of mastery of my audience.

I admit this is pretty dorky. But as you’ll see later in this presentation, it’s part of a  decision-making process that I use for many things… including using web analytics to help make social media better for me and my clients.

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