Social Strategy, Tactics and Measurement

My friend Eric Bryn, VP of Innovation at Baird & Warner, wanted to pick my brain on social strategy, tactics and all of that goodness. We decided we might as well record the conversation and let others in on it too.

Iceberg with a hole in the strait between Lang...
Iceberg with a hole in the strait between Langø and Sanderson Hope south of Upernavik, Greenland. Français : Un Iceberg percé d’un trou dans le détroit entre Langø et Sanderson Hope au sud d’Upernavik, au Groenland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is the resulting webinar.

Some of the things covered in this webinar:

  • How focused should we be on the multitude of social tools out there?
  • What are the elements of strategy?
  • What’s a “Listening Strategy?”
  • How do strategy, tactics and planning relate to the situation I’m trying to resolve?
  • What’s the customer decision journey?
  • How do I start thinking about applying metrics to all of this?

It’s an hour long. It isn’t just slide after slide–mostly a mindmap and a little doodling by Gahlord.

Make coffee or popcorn and get ready to start thinking beyond pushing buttons on software.

Gahlord for me, is the one true voice in the social media world that gives real answers, strategies, and mission ideas for you, to get your business moving in the right direction without being a vendor with an agenda.”  – Jodi Tussing, Regional Trainer for CENTURY 21

Social Strategy, Tactics and Measurement: $97

This webinar is included as part of the Everything subscription package as well.