Monthly Archives: May 2013

Turning lead into ideas

A current special project of Thoughtfaucet is the relaunch of Golgonooza Letter Foundry and Press. You can be a part of the first phase of this project. There are meaningful rewards for funders of all levels. But readers of this site may find particular value in the discount for Google Analytics dashboarding service or SEO […]

Be helpful.

I was about to go through a process where I would quit following over 450 people. I had face-to-face relationships with some of them. I was doing this in the name of being helpful. A few years back I wrote an article that continues to resonate. It’s read, tweeted, facebooked and spread around. It’s about […]

Three views of a secret: social marketing “rock stars.”

This edition of three views is about “rock stars.” Which is different from actual rock stars. There are inherently desirable and not-so-desirable aspects of rockstarness. The “Three Views” series gets its name from the title of a piece of music by a guy whose entanglement with the not-so-desirable aspects of rockstarness is tied to his […]