Monthly Archives: August 2012

Three Shibboleths of Social Media

When you read all of the free advice about social media out there you’ll hear a few common phrases: “You have to” “No one likes” “Everyone likes” and so on. Typically these phrases are followed by something that worked anecdotally for the person who is giving you the free advice. Very rarely there’s a thin […]

Google Analytics Dashboarding webinar with Gahlord

Gahlord will be giving webinar on setting up a Google Analytics dashboard to track local SEO traffic and audience behavior this Thursday. For more information: Get the Data Google Analytics Dashboard Webinars. Members of the “Online Events” list receive notification about events

Pattern Recognition: Last year’s battle

There is a pattern which happens sometimes which we can call “fighting last year’s battle.” It occurs when our sense of identity as individuals or as an organization is built on having a specific opposition but the situation has changed such that our former opposition is no longer our largest existential threat. I’ll give you […]