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Making things is what happens after web strategy is determined. Here are some things Thoughtfaucet has made.

Dogsharks animation to be a part of Prix Jeunesse International

Thoughtfaucet worked on an animation piece that is showing as part of the Prix Jeunesse International 2010.

Presentation: Improving Social Media via Web Analytics

The master post for the Getting Started, Getting Better: Social media improvement via web analytics presentation.

Happy Spring from the Dogsharks

An example of children’s animation and music by Thoughtfaucet.

Thoughtfaucet Business Cards Series r2 (W00t! for

Thoughtfaucet Business Card Series r2 arrives January 2010. Here’s the full key and description of imagery.

Example: Customizing Widget for a Tradeshow

Image by gahlord via Flickr One of my clients makes awesome wool hats here in Vermont. These hats are made-to-order and very customizable. There are over 650,000 variations possible, not including adding different team names, for just one style of hat. I’m not joking. Very customizable. The problem with this level of customization, of course, […]

Example: Animation Editing

Happy Holidays from the Dogsharks.

A Little Quick SEO for a Book Author

Image via Wikipedia Awhile back, a phone conversation with someone inspired me to write my SEO Nineball blog post. Well the caller didn’t take any of my search engine optimization advice. Instead, he bought three hours of my time to do what I thought was best within that budget. Here’s what happened.

Animated Bumper for the Vermont International Film Festival

Thoughtfaucet was pleased to create an animated bumper to go before select films at the Vermont International Film Festival in Burlington Vermont this year. Bill Simmon was client liaison for VTIFF.

Happy Halloween: Dogsharks Macabre

I spent the past several weeks working on this Dogsharks cartoon, writing and recording the music (based on Saint-Saens‘ Danse Macabre) as well as working on timing out the drawings and camera movements etc. Hope you enjoy it! If you like this one, perhaps you’ll like some of the others over at the main site […]

Augmented Reality Mask: A project for Dark Arts Burlington VT

Following on the success of a previous augmented reality project, I created a digital mask for curator Deidre Healy‘s Dark Arts in Burlington, VT. This new piece, Mask, was based on the idea of those French-style masks with a rod that you hold over your face. I created a simple grotesque 3D model in Blender […]