About you

If you’re considering working with Thoughtfaucet chances are good that you have a business challenge located somewhere between “your organization,” “customers” and “technology.” Do any of these sound like you?

You’re aware of the statistics that talk about how many of your customers are looking for the thing you do online. You probably even have some personal examples of online communication having an effect on business. You know it’s important.

But the variety of tools and technologies are a little like a tangled ball of yarn–figuring out where to start is a challenge.

You’re looking for a strategy that gets you where you want to go without driving you or your customers insane.

Your organization is trying to get better at adapting to the constant change of communication technologies and the challenges they represent. You have a mandate to be “entrepreneurial” and “innovative.”

But you also have a mandate to perform at a high level according to traditional key performance indicators.

You’re looking for help getting strategic content made in a way that can complement the strengths of your organization.

You’re focused on making something happen: growing your business, building your product or service. The speed and focus are great for getting things done.

But you need some help putting things in a broader perspective to take your execution to the next level.

You’re looking for help identifying what’s around the next turn in the road and a way to set up systems to help monitor progress.

Maybe you’re trying to make sure your vendor is making the right things. Maybe you’re a vendor wanting to make sure your client has a well-conceived strategy.

Regardless, you have a business relationship that is important to you and you don’t want technology or ill-conceived strategy to get in the way.

You’re looking for someone that can help bridge the gap between business objectives and making the right stuff–without threatening the business relationship.

The people and organizations that enjoy working with Thoughtfaucet

Thoughtfaucet has a few specific approaches that we use in our work. So we look for clients who appreciate this approach. Keeps everyone happy.

Here are some of the traits of people who tend to enjoy working with Thoughtfaucet.

You’re into building processes that work.

You know that old saying about teaching a man to fish and take it to heart. You’re not looking to solve your problem by throwing money at it. You’re looking to be an engaged participant in your own success.

For you, creativity and gathering data are closely related.

You’ve heard a lot about left-brain and right-brain and prefer to work with your whole brain.

You’re ready to thrive in a “launch early and launch often” environment…

You know that technology is changing at a rapid pace and you’re ready to make decisions and take action rapidly as well. Or maybe you’ve lived through a few projects that were extended long past their due-date in an effort to achieve perfection and know there’s a better way to do things.

But you’re also into doing things well.

You’re aware that “launch early” doesn’t mean “launch broken.” You get that there’s a relationship between the scope of a project and available resources. You understand when to make the right trade-offs.

How’s it look? This still describing you?

Awesome! Here are some things you can do next:

Not describing you? No hard feelings. See you around!