Is there a future in Flash?

Image by gahlord via Flickr I was recently asked by a marketing student at one of Burlington Vermont’s several colleges whether she should spend the time learning to make things in Flash. This post is my attempt to provide some guidance. If you have some useful information or feedback, please don’t hesitate to use the […]

Why Apple’s new creation will be free.

Image via Wikipedia [Update: I was, of course, wrong. iPad costs $500-$800 depending on configuration options, data plans are $15 or $30 per month depending on download volume, data contracts can be canceled any time–no lock in on them.] I think the new iTablet/iSlate/iPad thing will be free. All the current predictions for something that’s […]

Other data sources: The stock market as sentiment

Today Apple became more valuable to the stock market than Google. While the stock market doesn’t have a monopoly on defining value, the nature of trading stocks publicly makes for an interesting data source. Perhaps a data source that you can use to provide context to your own data gathering initiatives.

Stepping into Traffic

So I was thinking (which is a way of saying I was scenario-planning) the other day about the far-end of the social media marketing spectrum: What if you didn’t have a website at all Instead devote all of the hours you might spend developing it, dealing with the developers etc and just spent that time […]