Ok. So D&D around RETSO 2013.

If you have never played D&D before and will be playing for the first time at RETSO 2013, just skip to the form. None of this will ever make any sense.

I’ve been self-nominated to DM. If you want to DM let me know and we can arm wrestle. I’m skinny so you might win. But I also have long arms so I have good leverage.

If I DM the world will be a unique one-off created for this group only. I won’t recycle the world I built in High School nor will just do some kit world that’s already made. I do this for a few reasons:

  • That way people who didn’t read the terrible novels based on the pre-existing world won’t be disadvantaged regarding culture etc.
  • I can make a world that’s fun for the people playing.
  • We can make our own terrible novels based on the new world for this campaign.

For those of you who have played before you might wonder “What kind of DM is Gahlord?” I’ll tell you.

I’m not one of those bloodthirsty DMs who considers the session successful if everyone is dead at the end of the day. That said, everyone in this campaign will have a backup character in case of terribly bad luck. Nor do I hand out super powerful weapons and magic stuff just because. So I’m middle of the road on the “Kill all the players” — “Lots of loot and life is easy” spectrum.

My primary goal while DM is to make a fun, narrative experience. This means there will be challenges. Most likely the challenges will require more critical thinking, in character decision-making, and listening/observing/querying than lots and lots of rolling dice. I avoid rolling dice whenever I can.

I’ve not memorized all of the rulebooks. Considering that my primary game set was AD&D 1st edition with a light sprinkling of 2nd edition I think it might be fair to say my understanding of the modern rules are practically nonexistent. As long as no one likes to gripe about the rules this will be fine. If you’re the sort of person who likes to gripe about the rules please let me know so I can start memorizing all of the rules related to the sorts of things your character will do. Nothing slows a game down like a rules gripe session and slow is death to a good D&D session.

Below is a form. Please fill it out so I can start making the session.

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When would be better to reserve a half-day chunk of time to play?
Morning 2 days Before RETSOAfternoon 2 days Before RETSOEvening 2 days Before RETSOMorning day after RETSOAfternoon day after RETSOEvening day after RETSOSome other time around RETSO

Pick one: I'm new this will be my first gameI've only played once or twiceI giggle whenever someone says "In the eye of the beholder."
If you're new feel free to skip the rest of this form. I'll be contacting you directly to help get you on-boarded

What character class will you play?

What race will you play?

What alignment?

What kind of locations do you like for adventures?
WildernessDungeons and ruinsUrbanWeird shitSea and water

What level should the party be?


I’ll be getting in touch with each of you to help with character design. Mostly it will be to help the character fit into the custom world. And of course to keep things relatively well balanced.


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