Ten Minute Market: Thoughtfaucet participates in Vermont Travel Industry Conference mixer

Vermont Scenery: Fiddlehead picking expedition...
Image by gahlord via Flickr

Markets are conversations. Some conversations are quick.

Like the Vermont Travel Industry Conference‘s pre-conference networking event which puts VT travel industry businesses in one-to-one contact with marketing experts for ten minutes at a time.

Thoughtfaucet‘s Gahlord Dewald will be among the marketing experts available April 11th event at Burlington’s Hilton Hotel from 5pm to 7pm.

Gahlord will be preparing something useful as part of his ten minute web strategy sessions. To make this something even more useful, if you are in the Vermont travel industry, please fill out the following form:

    What part of the VT travel industry is your business in? (skiing, hotels, food, etc)

    The event is strict RSVP–you need to call the conference organizers at 802-865-5202 in order to register. Cost is $25 for people not registered for the full conference and free for those who are (but even those people need to call to register).

    There’s a limited number of experts. And there’s an even more limited number of Gahlords. In fact, there’s only one of him (some might say that’s a good thing). Here’s a list of who will be available at the Ten Minute Market:



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