Izvor Notebook: A subscription to the stuff that goes into Thoughtfaucet

Izvor Notebook is a way to get much of the worthwhile content that Thoughtfaucet encounters on the open web via a shared Evernote notebook. But this isn’t just a random collection of cool links or whatever. It’s a systematically curated collection.

Each piece of content is tagged according to Thoughtfaucet’s own strategic method and customer behavior model. There is also content about a variety of ways to make things, about ways humans perceive and do things.

Really, it’s a lot of stuff.

As of March 8th, 2011 there are 1523 pieces of content in Izvor notebook. More content gets added to it daily.

I would like you to have access to this resource.

Every bit of content in the Izvor notebook includes:

  • A link to the original location online
  • One or more tags that help put the meaning and usefulness in context
  • The date the content entered Izvor Notebook–particularly useful for ever-changing technology topics
  • The date content was most recently updated.


The goal is to make Izvor as low-friction as possible for all of us. That way we can all stay focused on getting good content and then getting on with what we do. Izvor should be a source and a beginning for ideas that you have and things that you do.

  • $3.97/month with an annual subscription [When I launch it–if you’re reading this you’ll be getting it free as part of C+A if you sign up–but I want you to know what my pricing on this will be so you can give me some feedback].
  • Monthly email newsletter highlighting interesting content in Izvor.
  • Required: Free or Paid Evernote account.
  • Sorry, no refunds. If you’re not sure you want this, please don’t subscribe.

Why is Izvor Notebook distributed via Evernote?

  • Native application on pretty much every device out there.
  • Sync across everything.
  • Backup to your own hard drive as well as the cloud.
  • Slick search capabilities: PDFs, Images, Photos.
  • Tag filter search: perfect for when you know what kind of stuff you’re looking for.

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