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Terms, techniques and definitions relevant to the practice of search engine optimization (SEO) as it’s applied to the making of strategic content.

Social Layer

I hear a lot of talk about Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn and the “social layer” for search. What is that?


What’s a URL and does it have an impact on search engine ranking?

301 Redirect

I’m moving my website and someone said I need to do 301 redirects. What’s a 301 redirect?

h2 tag

What’s an h2? How do I get a subhead on my web page and is it any good for SEO?

Site speed

Will Google penalize me for having a slow website? Can I improve my search rankings if I have a faster website?

Title tag

How do I control the words at the very very top of the browser? What’s a title tag?

h1 tag

Is the h1 tag important for SEO?


One of the most curious meta tags. Does it effect SEO?


When reading about search engine optimization, you’ll often encounter the acronym SERP. What does it mean and what is a SERP?


When talking to an SEO specialist, you might hear him or her talk about meta-tags. What are meta-tags?