Get the Data: A Practical Collection of Google Analytics Dashboard Webinars

Bentley Continental GTC dashboard.
Bentley Continental GTC dashboard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thoughtfaucet has made hundreds of Google Analytics dashboards for all sorts of purposes. But several types get asked about over and over again.

So Gahlord’s making a series of paid webinars where you learn how to build specific dashboards to answer specific marketing questions. Gahlord is known for sharing everything he knows about a topic so you can be sure you’ll get for more than “Press this button and then press this other button.”

A Rolls Royce dashboard and dials are seen on a parked vintage car (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

You’ll learn why Gahlord configures a dashboard the way he does.

Each webinar is recorded and participants are given access to them for their reference. So you don’t have to freak out about scribbling notes and missing something good.

Deutsch: VW Golf VI Interieur
Deutsch: VW Golf VI Interieur (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Each webinar will have a Q+A section so you can ask tricky questions!

The first of the series is:

Local SEO Dashboard on Thursday. Cost: $50 + those annoying service fees.

Click here to register for the Local SEO Dashboard webinar with Gahlord Dewald.