Monthly Archives: July 2011

Chittenden County Vermont, a new audience snapshot

Slide deck with 10 minute audio commentary describing a study of web visits recently performed by Thoughtfaucet. Some of the results were surprising.

Convergence is a fairy tale told by people who miss the good old days.

Video and slides from my presentation on Convergence.

Burlington Web Analytics Wednesday: Audience Interactive Edition

#BTV Web Analytics Wednesday this month will be focusing on data generated during Social Media Day.

Chittenden County Digital Census: Data submission request

Thoughtfaucet seeks data submissions for a Chittenden County VT digital census.

Possession technology

How are QR codes, RFID and augmented reality glyphs related?

Interactive Media Reaches Out to the Real World – A Look into Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s TEDxTokyo Speech

Tetsuya Mizugichi, a game developer, gives a TEDxTokyo presentation about the future of games. He briefly touches on the topic of location based games, specifically the game BANG: 100 Million Mines. I look into the importance of location based games and possibly the role they will play in the future.

“Social Web Geek” and “Influential Beyond Vermont”

Gahlord wins a double-whammy at the Burlington Social Media Day awards.

The future belongs to the makers.

“Results-driven organization” and “Values-based organization” are familiar phrases. Sometimes they have meaning and sometimes they don’t. This article examines Mojang AB as an example of an organization that skirts the issues of “values” and “results” entirely. Mindmap, video, text outline, essay and something special.