Google Adwords Grants for Non-Profits

Many non-profit organizations would be able to realize their mission goals better with a little more traffic to their websites. Google Adwords, those little ads on the sidebar of Google search engine result pages, are designed to increase website traffic. Google has a grant program available to non-profits that gives the non-profit free advertising via […]

SEO nineball and other emergency search engine optimization tactics

Image by m.toyama via Flickr This weekend a friend here in Burlington, Vermont emailed and described a situation involving SEO woes. Perhaps it’s a situation that sounds familiar: A brand new website has been created in anticipation of an important event and the site isn’t ranking or even showing up in Google. The event is […]

Ten Thoughts on Usability Guidelines

Image via Wikipedia Getting through cultural issues in developing software or other marketing materials that others in your organization (or client organization) is often more challenging than writing, optimizing and testing code or even designing the interface. Here are some things I’ve learned about creating styleguides for use in intranet projects (AKA the thing that […]