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Part of the Nearline Series, this episode orienting distribution and use of broadband infrastructure

Threshers and Drivers

Part of the Nearline Series, this episode orienting electric and autonomy in vehicles and display technologies

Makerspaces and Hackathons in Vermont

CodeForBTV: harnessing the energy of hack/make culture for civic betterment. Fellowship: coder applies to work in a city (like a code-focused peace corp). Awesome, but some issues: no real support, time, uprooted people, low scale projects, longevity--a free puppy. Brigade: steady, facilitate collaborations, no free puppies. Big Heavy World BTV Music Archive, Knight Foundation Grant to leverage BT Gigabit.

I was recently asked to do a “sketchnote” for a panel discussion in my town, Burlington Vermont. For those not up on the latest buzzwords, sketchnoting is basically doodling while an event is going and letting other people see your doodles. It has something to do with visual thinking. Or doodling. Either way it’s pretty […]

Three views of a secret: social marketing “rock stars.”

This edition of three views is about “rock stars.” Which is different from actual rock stars. There are inherently desirable and not-so-desirable aspects of rockstarness. The “Three Views” series gets its name from the title of a piece of music by a guy whose entanglement with the not-so-desirable aspects of rockstarness is tied to his […]

Three views of a secret: Moment marketing

Content, how it is made and how it is delivered, is changing. I suspect that we are, right now, just past the peak of  “content marketing” or “inbound marketing.” While it’s true that the making of content by marketers and humans is unlikely to abate, the way we find it will change. It has to […]

Jakob Nielsen should know better

There’s this confidence game (aka con) that’s been going around. It’s called lying with data. A friend of mine recently fell for the lying with data con as performed by Jakob Nielsen. Jakob Nielsen should know better. Any successful con involves three

Data, unique visits for three real estate aggregation sites according to

Sometimes, when evaluating size and scope of market, it’s useful to look at the volume of traffic for some bellwether sites. In the US real estate industry, those bellwethers would be Trulia, Zillow and Here are some graphs of their yearly traffic for 2012 as gathered from’s SiteAnalytics product:

Inman’s Real Estate Connect and Agent Reboot NYC 2013 Twitter Hashtag, streamlined

Some friends and clients of mine asked me to streamline the Twitter channel for Inman News’ Agent Reboot and Real Estate Connect conferences. Here is the streamlined hashtag. Please note that none of the retweets in this stream should be construed as endorsements or non-endorsements. I simply retweeted items from the main hashtag which contained […]

Black Friday Sales Data 2012

This is a roundup of data gathered around the 2012 Black Friday sales event, with a special focus on online sales data. Every year when the data comes out there are dribs and drabs scattered across a wide variety of studies, sites and posts. I’m going to aggregate them here. Black Friday 2012 Timing Data […]

Some data on human behavior in a Twitter community

Recently BloombergTV has decided to use the #BTV hashtag to promote special events on their channel. This post contains some data regarding one such event. Those who have read articles here for some time will be familiar with the ongoing experiment in digital community known as “the #BTV hashtag.” The short version is that, since […]