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Once you’ve observed your situation and begun to gather some data, it’s time to put it all in context. Comparing and contrasting, developing insights, that sort of thing. Sifting the raw data until you end up with useful information. That’s what these articles are about.

No more traditional media

Don’t worry, this isn’t a “death of” article. I’m simply giving notice that the phrase “traditional media” really isn’t very useful. Sure it’s handy as a shorthand way of referencing print, TV and radio. But in the long run, I think the phrase “traditional media” does more harm than good; both digital and real world […]

Pattern Recognition: Dreadful Efficiency

There’s this thing I’ve noticed. Maybe you’ve noticed it too. In some environments projects and ideas thrive. And in other environments it’s like nothing can take root. Sometimes the difference between these two environments has to do with cultures or specific personalities. But not always. Or at least not consistently enough to make it obvious […]

Social Haptics

Innovation doesn’t occur when something new is created. Innovation occurs when people start behaving differently. There are a many factors at play when examining what and why people do things one way and not another. If a new behavior requires the use of an object or tool, how well that object or tool is suited […]

Three Shibboleths of Social Media

When you read all of the free advice about social media out there you’ll hear a few common phrases: “You have to” “No one likes” “Everyone likes” and so on. Typically these phrases are followed by something that worked anecdotally for the person who is giving you the free advice. Very rarely there’s a thin […]

Ten secret killer apps to download now that are guaranteed to make your sources go viral

You know, you don’t have to read articles like this. They aren’t about you or your device or what you should really be doing right now. Moreover, they won’t guarantee your content will go viral either. Also, so what if your content “goes viral?” Lots of people will see it and maybe that’s good. Or […]

Three views of a secret: Strategy

Two different viewpoints on what strategy is or isn’t plus one example of a specific action. Three perspectives to understanding strategy in the social sphere.

Three views of a secret: Social

Three articles with thoughtful and challenging approaches to social media.

Everything that can be measured, will be.

The concept “everything that can be digital, will be” brought disruption to business. This corollary will do the same.

Interactive Media Reaches Out to the Real World – A Look into Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s TEDxTokyo Speech

Tetsuya Mizugichi, a game developer, gives a TEDxTokyo presentation about the future of games. He briefly touches on the topic of location based games, specifically the game BANG: 100 Million Mines. I look into the importance of location based games and possibly the role they will play in the future.

The future belongs to the makers.

“Results-driven organization” and “Values-based organization” are familiar phrases. Sometimes they have meaning and sometimes they don’t. This article examines Mojang AB as an example of an organization that skirts the issues of “values” and “results” entirely. Mindmap, video, text outline, essay and something special.