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Days of Bass: 80

neck of the Creston fretless

Working the Creston fretless over a variation of yesterday’s drum beat for today’s bass line. Hear as many of the 100 Days of Bass as you can stand.

Days of Bass: 78

Another day, another bass line. Cruising to the finish line on this!

Days of Bass: 77

gamma electric bass

Today I figured I’d take a break from the synth stuff and give a straight ahead groove thing for 100 days of bass.

Days of Bass: 76/100

Today’s 100 days of bass entry features music by my friend Doseone. Which is awesome. I added some synthy bass from my bass-guitar-driven-modular setup.  

Days of Bass: Three Quarters Through! 75/100

Modular synth reflected in the Creston fretless

I hadn’t planned on going with another modular-synth-driven-by-a-bass line today for 100 days of bass, but I got a screwy drum sound when I was setting up and just decided to go with it.  

Days of Bass: 74

Almost didn’t get this bass line in because my recording stuff was being all tweaky. Teaches me to upgrade the UAD device!

Days of Bass: 73

Today’s 100 days of bass entry features the band I’m in: Made by Robots. It’s a practice session so thanks to the band for letting me use this today.

Bass: 72/100

a knob on the Creston fretless

Today’s 100 Days of Bass entry features a modular synth patch I cooked up yesterday. I’m calling it “electricaliope.” It uses a bunch of wires to connect a resonant filter called Sisters, through a Euclidean rhythm generator to control how the resonances work, plus some attenuverters to change the pitches at which the filters resonate. […]

Days of Bass: 71/100

the lower horn of a Gamma bass

Groovin’ on through today’s entry for 100 Days of Bass

70/100 Days of Bass

For today’s 100 Days of Bass project home page entry,  I’ve got some parallel mixing of the bass tone with some modular synth stuff