Monthly Archives: May 2015

100 Days of Bass: 47 and Louis Johnson

I wasn’t going to get into the slap bass until after 50 on 100 Days of Bass, but I just heard that slap bass original, Louis Johnson, passed away. So here’s a line with some slap, nowhere near as good as Johnson but it’s here all the same. In addition to the work he did […]

46 of 100 Days of Bass

A short bump a bump bump line for today’s 100 days of bass entry Can’t say it’s an especially inspired line, but it’s done and that’s the goal of the project.

100 Days of Bass: 45 Days!

Getting close to the halfway point. Here’s today’s 100 days of bass post.

100 Days of Bass: Day 44 with electronics

This is the first time I’ve publicly incorporated some crazy electronics I’ve been assembling. Still needs some work of course, but that’s par for the course for 100 days of bass. Perfect is the enemy of done.

Some upright start the week out on 100 Days of Bass

Entry 43 with a little upright bass in a groove for 100 Days of Bass.

100 Days of Bass: Day 42

Here’s the weekend’s last groove for 100 Days of Bass

Day 41 of 100 Days of Bass with additional music from Studio Tangents

Bleeps and bloops for today’s 100 Days of Bass entry provided by Brooklyn’s Studio Tangents.  

40 days of 100 days of Bass

Another rhythm track from Mariusz to break it up for us today on the 100 Days of Bass project.

Excerpt of “Rivers and Lakes” Day 39 of 100 Days of Bass

A line that is part of a song I’m working on for my band, Made by RobotsĀ (site isn’t really done at the time I set this link, maybe sometime in the future, the poor cobbler’s son). A little 7/8 for 100 Days of Bass.

Youtube, SEO, search, and conversion

A graphic showing how to align your business systems to get more value out Youtube.

A client of mine was wondering how best make use of Youtube in their thought leadership initiatives. This is something I’ve worked on for clients in several industries. There are several things at play: firstĀ