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Bass: Day 56/100

A little fretless wander. Next few days I’m on the road with the little bass (see around days 25ish on the 100 days of bass main page) so get ready for a break from my drum programming and the iPad “smart drummer.”

55/100 Days of Bass

Working the J pickup on the red bass for 100 days of bass.  

100 Days of Bass: Day 54

More with the Lollar overwounds, but running both the P and the J pickups. (That sound like a foreign language? Don’t worry, it’s just 100 Days of Bass, you can play a little of it or a lot without thinking about P or J).

Mobile and desktop usage patterns

Between February 2013 and April 2015 time spent online with a desktop machine remained steady, neither decreasing nor increasing noticeably. Time spent online with a mobile device increased during that time. The chart is sourced from Comscore

This chart shows the total number of minutes people spend online by device category–mobile or desktop. The dates are between February 2013 and April 2015, two years. I attempted to find the original Comscore post containing it but was unable to. The chart did, however, run in the Wall Street Journal so hopefully they sourced […]

100 Days of Bass: Day 53

Past few days have been lots of pedals and synths and stuff. Figured today’s 100 Days of Bass would be just a regular ol’ bass line.


Readtime: 4:22 ||| Part of the Nearline Series, this episode observing automated transport and large volume container ships.

100 Days of Bass: Too Much Shiny, day 52

I clearly waited far too long to begin exploring effects pedals on the bass. Now I’m working it out on 100 Days of Bass.

100 Days of Bass: Day 51

In just under the wire.   Officially over the halfway point on 100 Days of Bass!

100 Days of Bass: Halfway!

Today, an in-progress line with a the piano player of a jazz duo I’m in. Hard to believe it’s halfway through 100 Days of Bass! What will the remaining fifty days bring?

100 Days of Bass: Day 49

Tomorrow is the half-way point in 100 Days of Bass!