Monthly Archives: May 2010

Dogsharks animation to be a part of Prix Jeunesse International

Thoughtfaucet worked on an animation piece that is showing as part of the Prix Jeunesse International 2010.

The difference between social media and collaboration

Image by Trypode via Flickr We’ve been reading and creating a lot of chatter about “social media” for the past few years. And for the past year it’s been incessant non-stop cacophony about Twitter and Facebook and gurus and is-blogging-relevant-anymore and Foursquare and so on. Non-stop. In all that chatter it’s been easy to miss […]

How to find images for your project without stealing.

Where do I find free photographs and images for my projects?

Follow Friday: Dale Chumbley

Want to see someone integrating social media marketing into the flow of their life/work? Follow Dale Chumbley.

Website redesign SEO checklist

I want to migrate my site from one domain over to a new domain and I want to make sure that all of the inbound links that pint to the old URL get redirected properly without impacting our PR. I’m also a little concerned about how my new information architecture will impact the SEO. What should I do to help keep my SEO after my site redesign?

301 Redirect

I’m moving my website and someone said I need to do 301 redirects. What’s a 301 redirect?