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Adding the Facebook “Like” button to your WordPress site.

How do I install the Facebook Like button on Wordpress?

h2 tag

What’s an h2? How do I get a subhead on my web page and is it any good for SEO?


When coding an augmented reality project you’ll often find references to a “marker.” What’s an AR marker?

Site speed

Will Google penalize me for having a slow website? Can I improve my search rankings if I have a faster website?

Resources for making your site load faster, the new SEO ranking factor

Image by gahlord via Flickr As noted previously, Google is using site load time to help rank sites. I put together a quick list of further resources to help get everyone rolling on optimizing site speed for SEO. Making a website load fast requires the help of everyone on your web team. The person making […]

Three Ways to Measure: Tear down the wild mouse.

Is your organization a wild mouse? Here are three ways to stop running around and being insane.

Site speed is now an SEO issue: 3 things to do to speed up your website right now.

Image via Wikipedia It’s official. Google is including site speed as an aspect of how it determines who gets to the coveted “#1 on Google” spot. This has been coming for some time and really shouldn’t be a huge surprise to any of my readers. Here are some things you can do right away to […]

Follow Friday: Sarah Faye Cohen

Librarians have been solving information-related problems since 300 B.C. Perhaps it’s time to follow one.

Gahlord Dewald speaking at BuzzRE Orange County

Gahlord Dewald heads to the OC for a few days.

Organizational Readiness in Social Media: 4 Core Tasks

What four things result in 80% of an organization’s success in social media?